Racist or Crazy?


OK, so I can understand the Liberals’ disappointment with Obama. He got their hopes up, and although he has delivered on some of his promises, all of them have been negotiated down to plans that are almost Republican in nature.

But the real problem are the actions that Obama has gone ahead of that are continuations of the Bush Regime, both good and bad. Obama has managed to enact more drastic tax cuts (for the middle class, no less) than Bush was able to get through. Obama continues to fight two unpopular wars, with virtually no change in troop strength (those troops drawn down from Iraq are going to Afghanistan). Obama has continued to bail out the traditional Republican base, just as Bush had done at the end of his Term of Office.

Even healthcare, with all of the bones thrown to the Health Insurance industry, is little more than Medicare Part D, passed in the Bush Administration (with a Republican majority in Congress, even). Sure, you can argue that the scope threatens to increase the Federal deficit (grown to its current size under the care and tenderness of George W Bush), but Armageddon? Really? And of course, Armageddon is something Bush felt strongly about, to the point that he thought it was his mission to hasten Armageddon.

Even the insults are Bush retreads. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “End of an Error, 21 January 2013”. Want to hazard a guess when I first saw this bumper sticker?

And then we have the laws that the Tea Party and Palinites everywhere have been screaming for. Under Obama, guns became easier to carry in the District of Columbia, and perfectly legal in our National Parks system. Obama has been more pro-gun than Bush ever was!! And now Obama has announced plans for off-shore oil drilling (where are the Palinite chants of “Drill Baby Drill” now?)

The problem isn’t that Obama is such a change from Bush, it’s that he’s too much like him. And yet, the Tea Party acts like the Obama Administration has toppled their own personal House of Cards. This despite the fact that Obama, arguably, has given them more of what they want than Bush ever did. Tea Party members, in general, have lower taxes, better healthcare, and a greater ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights. And yet they hate Obama, with a passion.

The knee-jerk reaction is to just assume they are racist, and ignore them. But they insist they aren’t racist. They feel genuinely threatened by this black man, and it has nothing to do with him being black. So, for a second, let’s assume they’re telling us the truth.

Albert Einstein famously said that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” Obama is doing the same things Bush did, and yet the Tea Partiers are expecting different results. The only difference, from where I sit, between Obama and Bush is the colour of their skin. If you loved Bush’s policies, and hate Obama’s, and aren’t a racist, then ipso facto, you must be crazy.


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