Look At What They Did to My Republican Party, Ma


Richland, WA

Some observations on dealing with the Palinites at the recent Going Rogue signing:

Let me start by saying that the one thing I noticed about the crowds waiting for a few seconds’ face time with the former Governor. Numbering well over a thousand, was how unfailingly nice they were. Sure, they may be delusional, but they are so nice about it. On more than a few occasions, it took all I had to keep my forced smile from faltering.

Let’s start with a review. In my opinion, at least, the First Amendment is in that position because it is so important. All other freedoms flow from that. And those freedoms, of speech, religion, et al, apply to everyone, not just the downtrodden white people that make their way to Palin book signings. The Second Amendment is likewise important because it secures the First Amendment, as well as the other 25, and the rest of the Constitution. A gun is not a security blanket or even a sports car; the right to bear arms is important because it protects the Constitution, not as an end unto itself.

Just like you don’t shout “fire” in a crowded theatre, there are places where a holstered weapon is just a bad idea. And coming from the party that did so much damage to Freedom of Speech (President Bush the Younger had protest areas that were well away from events he was attending, supposedly for his safety), open carry at Presidential appearances seems a bit…… overkill. Likewise, no one told you to leave your gun at home at the Palin rally. The fact that you didn’t bring it is more a reflection of your double standard than any State-mandated rule.

Before the theocons took over the Republican party, it stood for something I believed in. This despite the fact that as a former small business owner (the supposed “core demographic” of the Republican Party, and the lifelong goal of Joe the Plumber), the environment I operated in was much friendlier and supportive under Clinton than under Bush. My business opened on 15 January 1993, eight days before Clinton’s inauguration. Just over a year after Bush the Younger came to office, I had to close up. However, I stayed in the industry, and saw many industry leaders deal with the theocon element of the Bush Administration, and the greater regulation of our livelihoods.

But to listen to the Palinites, and their concerns brings me great worry that they are the future of the Republican Party. The separation of Church and State exists to protect both the Church and the State. You are free to worship how you like, but you have no right to tell others how to worship.

Perhaps the scariest part of this majority Caucasian crowd was not just the utter lack of one African-American face amongst them, but the obvious subtext of racism. Obama did not steal your country, nor did he destroy your Constitution (funny that you weren’t particularly concerned when Bush the Younger did that very thing). Even Bush’s staunchest detractors are able to find SOMETHING that they can admit he did right. Yet you aren’t able to give Obama the same consideration?

Which brings me to perhaps the most important point, the “rock star” attitude that surrounds any Sarah Palin appearance. Does no one else get the irony that they are acting the exact same way that they accused Obama’s backers of acting in the run-up to the election?


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