Birth Right?


The newest, and yet oldest, move from the Extreme Right Wing is to continue to question the legitimacy of President Obama’s citizenship. This continues an issue from before the election, a zombie issue that just will not die.

So, the question is, is Barack Obama a “true” US citizen? And what to do about it if he isn’t. But there are three reasons why this just doesn’t matter, and we need to find someone willing and able to truly put this zombie to rest.

First of all, Obama’s mother was a US citizen. This gives him automatic citizenship, and should fulfill the Constitutional requirement for the office of President. And if not….

There is no question that Obama’s rival in the election, the very honourable John McCain, was not born on US soil. McCain was born in Panama (specifically, the Canal Zone), and no one (except the same loons who didn’t think that McCain was right-wing enough) even felt this was a legitimate reason for McCain to run for President. And finally, in a fit of irony…..

Some of the very same far-right members of our society, not very long ago, were pushing for Gov Schwarzenegger (of California, of course) as a viable Presidential candidate, and were calling for an Amendment to the US Constitution to allow him to run.

So, when we have the likes of Lou Dobbs leading these challenges, the same Lou Dobbs that would get rid of all brown people from the country and send them back South of the Border, and yet accepting Arnold Schwarzenegger as a viable candidate, how can the rational amongst us think there is anything but race behind these calls?

Oh, there is a fourth reason why this argument is moot. The Constitution makes it very clear that, should Obama suddenly not qualify for his current office, the Vice President of the United States takes over the office. Constitutionally, the Vice President has only two jobs. One is to break tie votes in the Senate, and the other is to succeed the President should he no longer be able to carry out the duties. Somehow, I hardly think that the right-wing loons out there would be satisfied with this solution to their made-up problem.

And almost, almost, it would serve them right if they got this solution.


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